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It is basically a port of ​mt-math to Trac. Adding the following lines in your wiki page or ticket description: {{{#!latex $\mbox{Var}[\tau(X_p. LateX support in wiki pages. Description. This macro renders Latex code in Trac wiki pages as PNG images. Consider the following wiki entry.

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By Nelrajas - 13:56
Description. This plugin allows you to render a mathematical formula as an image using Latex, dvips, and ImageMagick. The images are named based on a​.
By Nebei - 16:02
To display math inline, enter LaTeX equation in between a pair of \(and uses math keyword in wiki syntax so that it does not conflict with TracMathPlugin.
By Nagis - 17:40
It would be very usefull to export wiki pages to Latex. A wiki is a great tool for brainstorming and planning. Latex is better for definitiv printed texts. It would be.
By JoJotaur - 17:58
Looking for fresh wiki processor goodness for your Trac installation?​packages/file/trunk/truelite-trac-utils/wiki-macros/

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